Friday, November 13, 2015 Life

Dedicated to all brothers and sisters who gave up on their life by embracing death as the only escape!
There lived a young lad – full of heart, a trustworthy friend, a loving son, a caring brother and above all, a compassionate and empathetic human being! He demonstrated his richness in character to all, irrespective of whether they were elder to him or younger. He did okay in his studies, but was exceptionally remarkable in character. People trusted him. He grew up to be a person who was trustworthy and kind.
Then, came the time to choose a career. He had a life of colors in his mind, but had to succumb to his parent’s dreams and position himself into the world of machines and codes. Days became tough for him and nights sleepless! His character - his magnum opus changed from a luscious farmland into a barren desert. Hot winds made him tired. None understood that the world of technology was eating up from the inside! The pressure grew as he started to fail for exams... Ridiculous comments from family and society... And at last he found a solution – SUICIDE!
An outburst of emotion is always what makes you raise voice and speak something to the fellow beings around. Some call it social commitment, others call it emotional outbreaks! But I say, it is a cry out loud wanting to make a difference in at least a single life. So, what am I crying out loud for ? Why is any life important? After all, we run this race seeking to win! WIN - A word which is so powerful and mesmerizing that once we get a hold of it and taste it, we don't turn back. We tend to do things that elevate us from heights to even more heights. But in this race towards victory and more, do we care what happens to people around us? Do we even see what happens to us in the whole process?
There are always situations where things turn out exactly the opposite of what we want them to be! An avalanche of events where we seem to think there is no control over it and our life has no point to live! This is to the young generation including me, who boast about our independent life style and intellect – We need to turn back and think! We must admit that everyone are humans and at some point of time when we need help, ASK FOR IT and amazingly you will GET IT! We get so stuck in our own ego that we don’t ask for help. And in some others' case, they don’t offer help even if they know they can and expects someone to ask for it!
Suicide is not a solution to any issue. No matter what, we are obliged to our parents, family and friends. Sometimes there might not be any people around to help you, but that is when you have to help yourself. Understand yourself before attaching into anybody else's life. This world can be crooked. But if you trust yourself, no one can bring you down!
This lad from the small life stack above was forced to do technology where his original intention was to live in a world of colors. His choices were left out to something inapt that it ended up in a disaster. There is nothing we could do about the death anyway. But what can we hope and learn from this?
I hope that we don't lose focus on the larger bliss of life. A climb on a cliff can be tough and at times we may have to deviate from the path. But at last when the climb is done, the view will be elixir and prize to what we have suffered and endured. I hope that when we become parents, we let our kids live their dreams rather than forcing them to do what they don’t like by saying - “It can secure your life!”.  I hope we become friends who support one another at times of happiness and sadness rather than booze, roam around and waste money and do nothing! I hope we become human beings who care for each other because the life is short and die with people saying good about you!

Dedicated to our brothers and sisters who succumbed to death for reasons unknown and I hope we make a lesson out of it to live!