Cyber Crime - The Rise Of A New Threat

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 Life

A author's views on the dangers faced by young women on cyberspace


“Somebody help me”.

Her voice ricocheted. The cry deafened me.  I groped in vain to find her.

“Please help me....” her voice started to fade. I could feel my enraged body. I ran without directions to find the source of cry.

Pitch black darkness engulfed me, the air bone-achingly chilling, I was scared. But I can’t let anything happen to her.  She was like you, passionate, humble and innocent. Her smile, like a flower. She had lots of dreams, like you and me.

“Mamma, can I create an account on Facebook?”

“Dear, Social networking is good. But there are deadly traps too waiting for you in there. You may never know till the harm is done. So if you are on that, take good care my child. Always be aware of to whom you reveal yourself. Don’t trust anyone blind folded.”

I remembered the conversation she had a few years back with her mom. She was feeling content till the day ‘He’ came to her life. She was overwhelmed with his words and false offerings. She let him rule her. He became her dream. They had limitless intimate moments. Whenever she was obliged to do something obscene she tried to resist, she had fears. Still her trust on him was more intense that the real world factuality. ‘If I offend his need, will I lose him? This very fear made her do all he wants. She was cunningly betrayed.


I ran with all my might. I was startled to see her edging a cliff. I called out, to stop her from doing something reckless. Her silent weeping alarmed me more. She turned, gave me another angelic smile which was long lost and she let the wind swiftly take her. With shattered mind I stood there staring hard at the vacuum, reluctant to believe what I just saw. How on earth is that possible? How could she have my face? How could she be me?

                I woke up shattered with heaving heart, sweating hands and tearful eyes. I could feel the world swirl in. I tugged myself hard, cursing God.  I recollected my senses ruptured by the mare. I mumbled again and again, ‘it’s alright! It’s just a dream. It’s alright…’ But somewhere in my heart, i knew ‘it was not alright’; something kept telling me that I am unsafe too.

The world of deception, the world of cyberspace, that’s where we live in. It’s more likely to fall in traps and get dissimulated. The news about ‘girls gone missing', rape attempts and ‘cyber-crime against women’ are not new to us. Media treats it like a bandwagon. But for a moment, I would like to bring the thought of root causes for all these. I intend not to question your morality or your personal disposition. Give it a thought; we whine about how ungraciously obscene images or video clips of a woman gets disseminated in cyberspace. We blame the ‘X’ man who dispersed the clippings. But how he got hold of those images/video clips? From where do they get these? These are the cardinal queries any should raise. Why we fail to do that?

Most crimes are rooted from misplaced trust. ‘She’ was a victim of this era. She was aware of the traps waiting for any woman. Yet she let it consume her. The first principle in life is that you must not fool yourself or you are the easiest person to fool. It is her choice to begin with whether to get deceived or not. When we are obliged to do something unreasonable, we should disavow. Fear of loss will mislead us to tragic ends. This is what happened with her. You are not blackballed from having amour with your loved ones, but letting them copy your intimate moments or your nudity in a camera roll or a cell phone is a crime that you are committing against yourself.

                Fickleness is an unwelcomed invitee for every relation. It’s quite a pathetic fact that, most of the cyber-crimes are committed to have avenge or to nag the woman/man. This is the point that incites us to think how precarious a relation can be.

                Still out there rings the news of “photo hacks”. Private images of women and with many containing nudity are posted on websites and disseminated by other users on websites and social networks. These hackings may or may not be a targeted one. Intruding into someone’s private life is so disgraceful. Sex tape leak or the dispersal of obscene contents is very viral in present scenario, caring less about the provenances or the harm we do against a woman or a family!

                With technology advancing at lightning speed, crimes are entering into new phases. It’s utter folly to give your life as food for such scams. It’s not about having fun by walking on the graves of those families who unknowingly were webbed into the atrocious circle of cybercrimes. Let’s, for one moment think about those souls who had equal rights like us to enjoy this world. It’s time to refresh your mind and nurture this thought of living in a better safe place….. 

written by
Lekshmi Nair