Is India Truly Independent?

Friday, August 14, 2015 Freshen Up

A look at how far India has come since the Independence
       The Indian Tricolour flies high at the red fort. Our Hon. Prime Minister hails the flag paying tribute to the nation. Every Indian holds his breath and honours the sacrifices of our great leaders and says in unison “Proud to be an Indian”. On this joyous moment of celebrating our 69th Independence Day, I would like to pay my respect for those who fought for India. I would like to bow my head for those who dreamt of an incredible India. I would like to sing aloud the brave stories of victorious battle men. I would like to pen it down in golden letters, heritage and prosperity of our nation.

India has revived a long way from the doomed state Great Britain left us in. The governments helped us recapture the glory and rebuilt a self inclining Nation. Indians with much enthusiasm and pride says, “India is a developing country”. But one question: For how long will we be adding ‘ing’ with the development of India? In a speech delivered to the public by the late. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, he claimed that “India is a developed country”, but we are far from being termed ‘developed’ just yet.   

Let me take you on a tour to know a little bit more about our India. All the clippings embedded here may have crossed your hard drives at the least once, via Facebook or whatsapp or reddit or twitter. You may have found it funny, you may have forwarded these to your friends, or may have deleted it the very moment you received them. But for me, these are messages and warnings. They speak out a million words of accusations, complaints; suggestions and undesirable truth. They are the silent tears for the betterment of India.

Let’s take a pause and take a closer look at what’s happening around us. Speaking of ones who lead us, they are very sensible and responsible people. Well, at least that’s what they want us to believe. I wonder how they are so immersed in their so called welfare activities, managing a large mob who tail them shouting ‘….ki jai’, directing his/her followers, and in the process succeeding in maintaining an excellent financial background! I am truly amused by the way they still uphold the “Satyagraha” and strike strategies in the name of helping people. They claim to raise their voices against the unrighteousness circumstances us commoners face, and speak out fearlessly and fight for our rights and comforts. Another tour won’t do any harm, I guess.


A large round of applause for those great hands behind every strike and batters. They know exactly what we, common people need…Applause!!

A misplaced image, is that what you are staring at in picture above? Well, it’s not. The click from my ‘grandpa-phone’, it may seem untidy but not irrelevant. I thanked God for they were just cattle and not political leaders; I found my way through the street with a single beep.

Another insight I would like to deliver: The ones who are responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. They break the very laws they are supposed to uphold. 

I don’t think, my words can deliver more depth than these images did. If so, let me give you a food for thought. Something which is haunting me for the past one week, something I could never ignore, something that I wished would be eradicated one day - the suffering of the people in the picture shown below.

If this is the Independent India, The Incredible India, The Invincible India we are proud of, then with heavy heart I must say, I don’t want this Independence. Think and rethink…Is this the glory of our land? Were these the dreams of our great leaders? The choice to make our country better is  mine! Yours! Ours! So let's make India 'truly independent'. 

Jai Hind.

written by
Lekshmi Nair