The Chosen One - A P J Abdul Kalam

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Life

A tribute to the 'Missile Man' - A P J Abdul Kalam

Somewhere in a remote corner of this universe, where normal human beings cannot travel there is a world called heaven. It’s a place where all human beings dream of travelling one day. There were many grave issues and troubles that had been muddled for generations. The supreme leader of that world was searching for a person who could find solutions for those problems, and could rearrange everything as normal as it were during the genesis of this universe. Millions of resumes were scanned for many years with little success. The final breakthrough happened in 1931 when he identified a potential candidate who could be his problem solver. But the supreme commander wanted to ensure that the new born is indeed his future problem solver, and wanted to substantiate his potential. Thus he was given the ultimate challenges where a normal human being would have crumbled under the pressure. To further corroborate his efficiency, the supreme commander had intensified his trial by depriving the person under consideration from all the comfort and privileges. The final results were astounding. The person had a new name and identity, to a nation which had been toddling since its independence. He had taught every person irrespective of religion, cast, creed and colour to dream, learn, toil, optimize and finally succeed in life. The person had preached that hard work and determination with relentless passion, honesty and humility will bring absolute success. A time span of 83 years was more than enough for the supreme commander to get convinced fully. The stage was set to bring this great man back to that unknown world. The supreme commander wanted to give the best reception. The special gates of heaven were selected for the great man’s entry. These gates will be opened once in every millennium only for those selected elites. Special guards were designated to accompany the great man and during the entry ceremony, the almighty himself wanted to come in person and welcome him. The date which was chosen for this great man’s travel was 27th- July-2015, and the venue was Shillong. Like all his past assignments that he had spearheaded, he was going to successfully finish this new one with flying colours. Dr APJ had been and will be the stake holder for 1.2 billion Indians. Just like an extremely efficient and compassionate stake holder, he needs everyone to contribute one’s best effort and dedication to the humongous project he is currently spearheading, the nation's rebuilding. Any clarifications can be made clear from the biggest reference he had provided i.e. his life itself.  All the algorithms and data structures provided in that book are exceptionally optimized and proven, and clarity in every topic is unprecedented. The only pre-requisite to understand that reference book is a little patience, a little compassion, a little humility, and an uncompromising patriotism.  Dr A P J Abdul Kalam will be sailing back after his new assignment in disguise, with a new look, a new mother tongue and might be even a new nationality. But he will closely monitor us. Let’s get in to our job and contribute for his project.

written by
Sreejith A R