What Mother's Expect from Us

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Freshen Up

The first and best teacher

Mother is a word that means the world.  We see this world through her.  Mothers are angels in disguise, sent by the God to care and help us to grow  fit to live in this world.  The role of a woman  as a mother goes beyond bearing and rearing children.  Her job knows no bounds as she works for us 24/7,365 days a year, without a day's off from her duties.  And have we ever thought what our moms really expect from us?  Do we  give the real appreciation and care for her sacrifices for us!!!!   I know most of our hearts will say “ No”.

We will come to know the real stress that our moms have taken to grow us up only when we come to that position.  By that time we will be away from her, struggling to build our own family.  So this is for u children, all sons and daughters who are still lucky to be with your mom expecting her to do everything for u….  Not even thinking what we shall do for her….  Let me tell a few tips which your moms really expect from u untold….

I invite you to visualize how your Mom’s day starts.  We never would have seen that…  She is the only soul who wakes early before all, and lays last at night.  She rises early to start her works…  She does almost every work that we have set as “Her Duties”.  She wakes up planning the day, makes tea and breakfast, prepares lunch in between she wakes us up , brings us our cup of milk, hurrying us to school, filling our lunch boxes, feeding us breakfast before we leave.  Now I wonder when she manages to have her cup of tea or breakfast.  After doing all the chores at home, she goes to office.  Works at office depends on their work-nature, hectic, tiresome or cool.  Looking at the clock ,ringing  home to ensure whether we are back safe at home.  Back home, do we give her a break to relax?  She directly enters the kitchen for making tea and snacks.  Asking us about our day, she prepares the dinner.  This is her routine, isn't it?  But remember, in this busy schedule has she ever forgotten to give us her love and care.

Are we giving our respect for this dedicated woman in our lives or taking them for granted.  Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences that a woman can have in her entire life – and it can also be one of the most stressful.

We never bother to get into the kitchen to get our next piece of chapathi , when she takes the pain to bring it to us we will be enjoying our television program.  Our moms really expect someone to make her  last two chapathis so that she can have them hot with the left out curry.  Try out this and you can see the real happiness on her face, watch a rejuvenating glow on her face!!!  For the first time she will enjoy her dinner.

Think when we are sick, she forgets all her work and sits beside us giving her care and warmth whenever we need her.  But when she falls sick, we go on our own works.  We may be helping our dads in the kitchen but not our moms.  She really expects someone to sit beside her giving her a loving massage, make for her a cup of tea, bring her the medicines with a cup of water and make her feel “we are here to care  you Mom”.  She will recover soon.

The only reward our mother wants at the end of the day is the simple word “I love you Mom” and a warm hug.  Don’t forget that once our mothers are gone we will have no shoulders left to weep on, no one to ask how our day was, no one to support us if we have done some mistakes, no one to show the right path.  So Love them, respect them, appreciate them, care them.  Dedicating to all Loving Moms.


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