Season of Protests

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Politics

Creative and unique protests seen across the globe

Each year people around the world witness their fair share of significant events. Russia occupies Crimea, Ebola outbreaks in West Africa, Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 disappears, price of oil drops from $100 a barrel to $60, Manchester United's 20 year dominance in the Premier League ends and the ISIS's war on.. well, humanity itself, were some of the biggest news that hit the headlines. But 2014 will also be remembered for the dawn of a variety of ways through which people protested for a different reasons across the globe.

Factory workers in Italy protested against the local banks and the Italian government last year in a very unique fashion.

They placed yellow factory helmets in perfect alignment right in the centre of the Milan stock exchange, Borsa Italiana. Each helmet symbolized the number workers who lost their jobs due to lack of investment.

The Umbrella Revolution of Hong Kong made a lot of noise and they made sure it was heard even at the farthest corner of the globe. The citizens of Hong Kong's demands for democracy were met with tear gas. To beat the tear gas people started coming out on the streets with umbrellas.

Whether the umbrellas helped their cause is debatable, but the protest itself proved fruitless, as Hong Kong is still awaiting democracy.

When it comes to protests, Kerala is usually at the forefront. But in 2014 Kerala witnessed something which caught many by surprise; 'The Kiss of Love'.

Public display of affection is considered a criminal offence in India even though it isn't technically illegal by law. So to protest against moral policing, youngsters in Kerala organised a kissing in public campaign which caused public outrage, bemusement and joy from different sections of Kerala.

Most recently Malayalees used social media to protest against Kerala Finance Minister K M Mani after corruption allegations were leveled against him.


#Entevaka500 (500 on my behalf) exploded on social media after film director Ashiq Abu sarcastically asked people send money orders of 500 to K M Mani's address. And that was all it took for people to start the 'sarcastic protest ' by sending money to the minister's address. It's all a bit anti-climatic as it would've been a lot wiser to send all this money to charitable organisations.

The Brits have always come up with interesting ways to protest. But nothing beats the 'Nothing2Hide' campaign.

Men and women stripped to their underwear to protest against hidden bank charges. People were met by scantly clad men and women on Liverpool Street with the message 'Nothing2Hide' written across their chests. Kerala's 'Kiss of Love' pales in comparison to this if truth be told.

Finally, another protest which turned out to be anti-climatic was when farm workers across Europe protested against the European Union for the pricing structure of diary products in Europe. Workers from many countries across Europe gathered outside the EU office and threw milk canons at the building and security personnel. Surely they could have found better ways to protest than wasting litres of milk.


written by
Ryan Gomez