Your Definition of Happiness

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Freshen Up

Happiness is different for different people

The definition of happiness changes for each person with change in situations. A gorgeous girl smiling at boy is happiness but it’s a tragedy when the same girl smiles at him when he is with his girlfriend. Your friend whispering you the answer for that difficult question at exam hall is happiness but it’s a nightmare when the invigilator is just beside you. So happiness is conditional.

Now leave the conditions. Happiness is different for different people. Happiness can be when you don’t need to set the alarm for the next day. Happiness can be when your profile picture gets a lot of likes or may be when you realize you have lost weight but how can one be happy?

There was a prince who waited his entire childhood to be a king. He assumed he could be happy when he becomes a king. When his father passed away, the young prince was assigned the throne. Soon he found out that being a king did not make him much happier. He invaded many nations, conquered many kingdoms and became the greatest Emperor the planet had ever seen. Still the young king could not be happy. He married the most beautiful girl in the entire Earth and still found himself unhappy.

He went to the royal advisor to seek help. He directed the young King to the sage who stayed in the mountain. The King along with his guards followed to the mountain. The sage, after listening to all what the Prince conveyed, asked the guards to wait outside his hut. He gave the king a spoon filled with olive oil and set the spoon in the king’s mouth. When the King looked at the sage puzzled, he told the King, “You will know what makes you happy when you reach the other side of the mountain without spilling a drop from the spoon”.

The King took it as a challenge and travelled all the way to the other side of the mountain where the sage was waiting for him. The King proudly said, “I have not spilled a drop, yet I have not understood how to be happy”. The sage asked, “How was the five-tier waterfall on your way?” The King looked at the sage puzzled. The sage continued, “Didn’t you watch the burning flower which could be seen only in this mountain? Did you see the hanging garden with beautiful birds flying all around it?” The King looked down and said, “No, I did not see anything.”

We are just like the young King. We know we want to be happy but we miss those things that would make us feel happy. It is high time we wait and hold on in our lives to enjoy these little things that give us the world’s best emotion. We miss these happy parts and search for happiness.

Some people are so sharp that they would never miss the waterfall, garden or the flower only if they knew where the mountain is. There are many people who feel happy to see others happy and many belong to the other section. The search for happiness among the human race is through a busy road. In fact, all are searching for it.

There was a competition held at a school for Grade 5 students. There were 50 students in the class. 50 balloons with their names written on them were put in a small closed room. When the whistle blows the students are supposed to find out the balloon with his name. The competition commenced and the whistle blew. All the students rushed into the room and tried desperately to find the balloon with their name. At the end, every balloon blasted and no one could get their balloon.

Round 2, the same competition was held again with a slight change in the rules. Each student can take any balloon irrespective of their names. The competition commenced and the whistle blew. Every student rushed inside and took a balloon for themselves. They were then asked to give their balloons to the respective students whose name is on it. Everyone could get a balloon and that too with their name written on it.

The balloons are the happiness in our lives. Our happiness might not be in our hands and some other’s happiness could be in our hands. We might end up damaging the hopes of others trying to grab ours. Be patient and help others receive their portion of life and you will get what you hope for. Share the happiness with others. Give others theirs and they will give you yours.

Start sharing happiness. You’ll be happy then.


written by
Ajay Peter