Do What You Love

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Freshen Up

How to chase your dreams

Can I ask you a simple question? Are you doing the job you love? If your answer is Yes, You are lucky and the harder you work, the luckier you get. Anyway you are lucky in another sense; you don’t have to read the rest of this.

I am sad that, I just lost only a few of my audience. You may have to come along with me till the end of this.

Doing what you love is the dream of many, but the reality of few. You are never late; you still have lots of time to pursue your dream career. I know you have a young passionate heart, wanting to unleash those chains that have tied you hardly these days.

Hello Brave heart!!! What is stopping you????

Identify those chains and break them up. Anyway, I will help you in identifying some of the chains but it’s your responsibility to unleash them.

FEAR!!! Hey Brave Heart! First unlock this one.

Fear is a demon within you, a very tricky demon. Even Bob Larson can’t help you to exorcise this one; you may have to do it yourself.

Fear is different for each one of us. It might not be too strong a demon to tackle in most cases. It might be some underlying feeling that stops us from doing something new or venturing into unknown.

Believe in yourself. Human mind is the most powerful tool which can transform dreams into reality. Nothing will be just dreams, for a person tough enough to face this world, with a focused mind.

Sometimes we keep very small targets and mock ourselves. I know, this is the same case with you .Just analyze your capability.

Is this your limit? Is this you ever wanted?

Come on Man, I know you are awesome. Dream big and overcome your fear. Just jump out of your comfort zone and stand tall like a Spartan.

Let yourself free to completely fail and free your mind, then only life will become exciting. Just think that you are going for a Treasure Hunt, feel the adventure and give wings to your dreams, finally you will get the Million Dollar Treasure – HAPPINESS


written by
Sujith K J