A TRIP on the Corporate Bus

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Freshen Up

Passion in whatever job you do will ensure that you excel in that job

Every student passing out of college will have a dream of getting into the corporate world with a good package in their dream companies. They do everything possible to acquire the skill sets in their respective domains, be it technical or non-technical. They make every effort to meet the eligibility criteria, appear for and succeed in the tests, face the interview board and finally manage to get the offer letter.

However, what is equally and perhaps, even more important is how do they go about in the organization that they are working for. That will make or break their career. As I think about this, I want to sum up four things that come into my small mind. I would call it a TRIP. If an employee manages to take this TRIP with sincerity and dedication, I am sure he can succeed in any organization. This is equally applicable for any organization in any industry.

Let me try to give a picture on my concept of the TRIP. I take each one of the letters of this word to identify one quality that the employee should have.

 T – Trust and Personal Responsibility

R – Respect the Individual

I – Integrity

P – Passion

Trust and Personal Responsibility for every deed and action that you do within and without the organization will determine where you will be. Corporates tend to trust the people they employ till the time the employee breaches the trust. Once the trust on the employee is lost, then the organization will not take into account whatever he says or does.

Respect the Individual irrespective of the caste, creed, faith, sex or nationality of the individual or your fellow colleague belongs to. If you need to be respected, you also need to give respect.

Integrity of the employee is also equally important. At all times, we need to uphold this value, be it any interaction, with anyone. Some people generally tend to flout this part when they are alone, for example, stealing packs of tea bags from the company pantry. They might feel it is okay to do so because nobody is watching. But that is wrong, even if others do not watch, you are watching yourself.

Passion in whatever job you do will ensure that you excel in that job. When you do it with passion, nobody could beat you in that. You will love your job more and you can really succeed.

Remember friends, SUCCESS cannot be spelt correctly without U.


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