Anti Social Behavior

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Anti Social Behaviors are those behaviors or actions which affect or blights the lives of people in a regular basis. It causes harm for the victims involved in a manner that usually leaves them feeling helpless, desperate and a seriously reduced quality of life. There are many definitions related to anti social behavior and on general sense, it means any activities or actions which creates harm or distress or any sort of alarm/harassment to the victim can be deemed as an anti social behavior.

Usually anti social behaviors are classified under three categories namely personal, nuisance and environmental wherein the personal anti social behavior includes activities against an individual or a group which may cause harm or distress to the people involved. Nuisance involves causing trouble and annoyance to a community at large rather than to individuals and groups of people whereas environmental refers to anti social elements targeting public spaces or buildings which are even larger in magnitude than the community and individuals/groups.

Anti Social behavior consists of several types of unhealthy behaviors/activities which include:

  • Vehicle nuisance and instance where vehicle is abandoned but not stolen.
  • Rowdy or inconsiderate behavior not appropriate to situation.
  • Littering/Drugs.
  • Problems created using animals.
  • Trespassing of Private/Public property.
  • Neighbors creating nuisance/rowdy behavior.
  • Drinking in the street and inciting trouble.
  • Prostitution activities.
  • Begging/Vagrancy.

These are the few types of behaviors listed as Anti Social Behaviors all over the world. Some of it might not be considered as an anti social behavior in different countries due to the type of culture prevalent in the same. Those people who keep on repeating the anti social behaviors in increasing frequency are prone to having Antisocial Personality Disorder by which the only way for them to stop doing these activities will be to undergo suitable therapy and sessions from a trained counselor or psychologist for a certain period of time within which they will be subjected to various tests and counseling sessions for their improvement.

Usually Anti Social Personality Disorders start from infancy and continues until the person becomes adult when it fully manifests itself and it’s always better to address the issue at the starting stage lest it becomes too great a problem to fully get rid of. People with Anti Social Personality Disorder tend to be lacking empathy, be callous, cynical and are usually contemptuous of the feelings, rights and sufferings of other people and have an inflated or arrogant self appraisal. Their major characteristics are failure to conform to social norms, deceitfulness, impulsivity, irritability and aggressiveness, reckless disregard, lack of remorse in their actions. Also, it is interesting to see that the anti social behavior is shown by males more than females (over 70% of them).

Among the countries of the world, U.K is said to be the country with most cases of anti social behavior especially among its juveniles. They have implemented an act named Crime and Policing Act in 2014 upon which all acts of anti social behavior are punishable by law. It has been said that media has a big role to play in the rise of anti social behavior among people. In most cases of juvenile anti social behavior the culprit is media as children watch the movies, shows, and soaps which are laden with anti social elements and behaviors and inappropriate scenes and children are tempted to try it out in real life when an opportunity arises. The excessive influence of media over children and adults can lead to social isolation and increase of violent tendencies among people also endangering the social relationships of people. With the influx of Internet and vast improvements in technology, every sort of information is available to people anywhere on the go or on their homes which can be used for good and for bad. This has also played an important role in the rise of anti social behaviors among people. Also, biological, social, genetic and psychological factors also play an important role in the developing of anti social behavior among people. Other factors include:

  • Parental history of antisocial behaviors
  • Parental alcohol and drug abuse
  • Chaotic and unstable home life
  • Absence of good parenting skills
  • Use of coercive and corporal punishment against children
  • Parental psychiatric disorders which may affect the children
  • Poverty and unemployment causing economic distress

It is highly important for the law and order system to tackle the anti social behavior properly as the failure to do so will only result in increased crime and violence with injury/ criminal damage across the area and slowly will spread to the entire nation causing unrest and loss of harmony and peace for the people. Hence it is very important that each country of the world has an effective law and order system with a judiciary well equipped to punish the offenders that they would think twice before attempting any activities of similar sort again.

Recent incident of British Soldiers verbally abusing Australia Women’s team during a friendly in Cyprus against England shows that the anti social behavior is a problem on the rise especially in UK both in adults and children.  The incident was quickly taken care of senior officials who apologized to women’s team and the apology was accepted by Australian Women’s team. Keeping up with the zero tolerance scheme in UK against anti social behavior, the problems need to be taken care of promptly as the incident shows us.


written by
Jerrin Issac