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The shocking transition from being human to being inhuman

The term Rape originated from Latin word Rapere meaning to snatch or to grab or to carry off. Since 14th century, its meaning has been changed to seize and take away by force. Rape is defined as the type of sexual assault that involves acts of sexual violence like sexual intercourse/ forms of sexual penetration against a person without his/her consent which may be carried out by physical force, abuse of authority, coercion or against a person who is incapable of a valid response or consent by being unconscious, incapacitated, or below legal age of consent.

There are different types of rapes occurring all over the world and the statistics are no less shocking than it already is and it’s sad to say that the figures are going from bad to worse over the years. The criminals tend to find the loopholes in the justice system to get away with the heinous crimes committed by serving a short period of time in jail being fed and cared for by the government when the victim and his/her family having had the misfortune of losing their dignity and sanity over the moment of madness of the perpetrator is living a life of extreme agony and mental torture having to relive the same incident zillion times over in their minds and in order to escape from it some people tend to resort to suicide and rest of them live like living carcass of a fine person they used to be.

Some facts about Rapes

  • Only 6% of rapists ever serve a day in jail.
  • About 31% of rape cases take place in perpetrators home while 26.6% takes place in victim’s home.
  • Another shocking fact about rape cases are that only 15% of the rape cases are reported in the world.
  • 80% of the victims are under 30 years of age. It has been noticed that women aged 18-34 are the worst victims of such assaults.
  • Fewer than 1 in 10 male-male rapes are reported. This case is similar worldwide.
  • Most disturbing fact is that about 19.7% girls and 7.9% boys face sexual abuse worldwide and in most cases the perpetrators are either acquaintances or relatives to the victims.
  • Every 22 minutes, an incident of rape is reported in India. In United States of America, every 107 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.

American Medical Association reports that Rape is the most under reported violent crime in the world. Most commonly rape is carried out by the persons known to the victim rather than unknown persons and prison rapes among male on male and female on female are also common in the world but most of those incidents remain inside the prison itself and mostly the outside world won’t even know it.

Taking into account the endless suffering of the unfortunate victims of rape all over the world, most of the victims tend to suffer from severe posttraumatic stress disorder and will most certainly be severely traumatized due to the same. There is also major chance of victims acquiring sexually transmitted infections or becoming pregnant or face violence from the perpetrator or in some incidents from the victim’s own family and relatives.

The motivations of the perpetrators are being studied extensively by the various experts around the world and according to WHO, the major factors which lead to rape are:

  • Beliefs in family honor and sexual purity
  • Idea that men are entitled to have sex with anyone and everyone they like to.
  • Weak links in the legal system which is used by criminals to repeat the offense.

According to Dr. David Lisak, Americal Clinical Psychologist, convicted rapists are more angrier at women and would like nothing better than to dominate and control them, very impulsive, disinhibited, have anti-social behaviors also being hyper masculine and less empathetic.

Incidentally, if we take a look into top countries for rape cases reported around the world, we will be amazed to learn that top positions are taken by developed countries of the world as given below:

  • Lesotho (91.6 per 100000) followed by Trinidad and Tobago (58.4 per 100000) followed by Sweden (53.2 per 100000) also it has the highest cases of reported rapes in Europe. 1 out of 4 women in Sweden is a victim of rape, Korea (33.7 per 100000), New Zealand (30.9 per 100000), U.S.A (28.6 per 100000) and out of all the victims 91% are the females and 9% are the males and nearly 99% of the rapists are male. Next up the list is Belgium (26.3 per 100000), Zimbabwe (25.6 per 100000) and U.K (23.2 per 100000)

Culture wise, the method of dealing with victims of rape varies as in some cultures, victims of rape are subjected to honor killing in order for their family to not lose their reputation and still be able to live a good life among the community by eradicating the victim. It was prevalent especially during old ages and now though the numbers have dwindled, it still happens in some cultures in various parts of the world. Another method is forced marriage. Victims are forced to marry their perpetrator so that their reputation is not tarnished and does not remain unmarried and the perpetrator doesn’t lose their status and avoids punishment.

Coming to the Indian Context, Rape is the fourth most common crime in India. Out of the 100% rapes happening in India, the victim knows the perpetrator 98% of the time as they are his/her relative/neighbor in most cases. Still India has been reported as one of the countries with lowest per capita rates of rape. In India marital rape constitutes 94% of the entire rape cases. The Capital state of India, New Delhi carries the dubious distinction of the highest number of rape cases getting to be known as the rape capital of India.

There have been many notable incidents of rape in India over the years, most prominent being the gang rape of Ms. Jyoti Singh a.k.a Nirbhaya in a public bus on 16 december 2012 in New Delhi which sparked large protests all over India and the world. The girl died 13 days after the attack owing to the savage manner of rape and massive damage to her internal organs.

The conviction case ratio over the years in India regarding the rape cases shows the inefficacy of the law and order system and judiciary to apprehend the criminals and deliver the iron fist of justice to them. In 1973, the conviction rate was 44.3% and in 1983 it became 37.7% followed by 26.9% in 2009, 26.4 % in 2011.

Among the 21 european states, Ireland has the least number of rape convictions. What needs to be done in order to reduce the sexual offences happening around us is to educate people by giving them high school and college education which will essentially teach them what to do and what not to do. Workplace education programs should also be organized in job environment.

We, as a country should uphold our values, customs, and shall strive to rise among these deeds of savagery by learning to being more and more humane than going the opposite way. Keep a rein in your innate tendencies and learn how to be stronger both in mind and body so that we can help our country and our world as a whole grow together.


written by
Jerrin Issac