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Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Freshen Up

The funnier side of the world's most powerful leader!!

Everyone expects a President to uphold a certain level of decorum, But Mr.Obama, Commander in Chief of the United States of America breaks all those kinds of concepts.

Obama has always shown his funny side to the media without thinking much about the stature of his office. This is why, he was voted as the “Coolest President” by MTV last year.

The latest effort, by the 53-year-old father of two teenage girls, shows “The Man” himself trying to coax the people to sign up for the health insurance plan, without being preachy and boring.

Obama stars in a two min video called "Things Everyone Does but doesn’t Talk About" released by Buzzfeed, in which he is shown as any other regular dude with his own set of quirks. Obama does a number of antics like mugging in front of a mirror, slipping on aviator sunglasses and firing finger pistols, striking poses with a selfie stick and sketching goofy pictures of his family.

Then Obama is seen practicing his pitch dialogue: “The deadline for signing up for health insurance is February 15", in front of a mirror, where he repeatedly stumbles over the word February.

In a futile effort, he then tries to dunk an over-sized cookie into a tall glass of milk, saying "Thanks, Obama", a funny take on the popular Internet meme in which the subject appears to be struggling with a rather simple task, satirizing those who scapegoat Obama as the cause of problems for which he has little or no influence

And when the clip ends with him getting caught practicing fade away jump shots with an imaginary basketball, Obama responds just like anyone else would.

"Can I live?"

The video then fades away when he says YOLO. (An acronym for "you only live once". Similar to carpe diem (Sieze the day), it implies that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks. The phrase and acronym are both used in youth culture and music)

And so, this has to be, by far, the goofiest way that we have seen a word leader trying to sell his idea. And, going by the buzz it has generated, we have to assume that he has succeeded too.

So let’s hope the trend catches on and that we will get to see the antics of Modi very soon.

Fingers crossed!

YoLo ;-)


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