A Cold Response To A Hot Problem

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Science

It's time we took care of our planet

Speaking or talking about climate change is a risky business, the potential mockery, criticism, name calling and what not. But as a country whose bottom looks like a tortilla chip floating in a pool of water, the question is should we be worried that the chip might sink one day? It’s not like we have over half a million ton of ice just sitting there in the Himalayas, right?

When temperature increases and when it’s too late to do anything about it, Khedarnath will happen all over again and with much more devastating results. With populations crossing billions climate change will hit us right where it hurts, droughts and famines will be a common sight, deaths due to sun stroke, hunger, overheating, skin cancer will be more common than murders, rapes and accidents combined.

Carbon foot print is defined as the total set of green house gas emissions caused by an organization, event or person or product. It was coined in the year 1992 and still after two decades we turn a blind eye towards it, or its simply because we don’t know it yet!

Our terminator former callifornia governor Mr.Arnold Schwarzenegger on his recent visit to Delhi 15th sustainable development summit cited the need and necessity for the whole world to come together to target this coming apocalypse.  It has been stated by the UN  that 2014 was the warmest year on record and over 7 million people died around the world due to pollution related ailments.  The stats, projections and predictions are all real but still we are unmoved.

Who are to be blamed? Are those corporate industrialists, who are lazy to invest in carbon scrubbers and eco friendly energy systems in their businesses and buildings, to be blamed?  Or the government, who does nothing? Or the media and the news, which pushes this immense crisis to a 7cm column rather than the front page? Or those, who believe global warming and climate change are all myths and that man can never do anything to undo his way of work?  Or all are responsible?

We are all responsible, every kid, who is born today, is born with that responsibility. We didn’t just become the most intelligent species to plunder the resources, doing so we also have the responsibility to save our home and our planet from our own deeds of evil. If we don’t, it would be too late because  when your home is burning to the ground and you are trapped inside, all you can do is just wait to die and  burn to ashes thinking and regretting that I could have done something to save my home.

So Should We BE WORRIED ? !!


written by
Arjun J S