Hacking - Why should I do it?

Monday, July 13, 2015 Science

Don’t you just hate it when someone tells what you can and can’t do?

When you buy a device – let it be a smartphone, tablet or even a camera! – You buy it to use it to the fullest; to squeeze out every little feature till the last drop of its performance. But not only do you buy a device, in most cases you end up buying into an ideology and culture too. The manufacturer gives you access to its ecosystem and at the same time levies certain restrictions on what you can and can’t do with their device. These restrictions are more part of this ideology, rather than realistic reasons to limit access. They will support these restrictions by mentioning Security – It’s for your own good; Stability - if you get super-user access you might end up wrecking the device and many more including the violation of their so called ‘Terms and Conditions’.
We recommend that to use your device to the fullest, these warnings, disclaimers, and police tapes should not stop you from small workarounds.

So how to start? What else…just google!

Our society used different names for this process across devices. For Android devices they call it ‘Rooting’, for Apple devices they call it ‘Jail-breaking’, for Cameras they call it ‘Installing custom framework’.

When my country is among the last ones to get updates!

This is a reason which haunts every one’s mind when you feel bored of using your device. It is true that India is one among the countries which gets all the updates in the final stage. The reason for this is ‘Purchase power parity’ or simply ‘ppp’. The PPP of India is low compared that of other developed countries (say US, where the updates are delivered in the first phase). PPP is also the reason why electronic devices are costly in India when compared to US. Hacking the device will enable you to receive latest updates for your device or software.

More points coming up in the next post. Stay tuned.

written by
Arjun M