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I like to write. No, that doesn’t do it justice. I love to write. Yes, that’s it. I love it. I love the way it brings out so many things in so many ways that mere articulation simply cannot. Poets and playwrights have used it for centuries to hold their audiences spellbound; newspapers and magazines employ prolific writers to maintain readership. In a sense, the written word lays bare the hidden secrets of the author’s heart. It exposes him for all to see and you’ll never see a person more attractive than when he’s honest.

There are different aspects of writing that appeal to different writers. Mine’s perspective. Why perspective, you might ask? Why not? - would be my nonchalant reply. You see, as a reader, it is imperative, nay, binding that you approach your reading from varying angles before arriving at an informed opinion. This allows one to draw near a topic with the lens of objectivity having removed all subjective tilts. However, this calls for writers with diametric mind-sets, which is exactly what we’re all about.

My name’s Vivek Pillai and I’m an engineer by profession. Sujith K J, Jeswin A J and Arjun M are my colleagues. I had a vision and they had a passion. Together, we made something that’s here to stay, stick with and stir our readers out of their apathy. We’ve come prepared of course. We started small in 2015 but we persevered. We bit, we clawed and we fought. In seven months we achieved one of our most cherished goals: real employee diversity. Ranging from a slew of engineers, we have a dentist cum poetess, a journalist, an adventurer, a few technophiles, a motley bunch of nerds and geeks and a self-proclaimed psycho; all of them here and all of them committed to providing our readers a fresh glimpse at reality. We are not zealots planning to take this country by storm, rather we are people deeply involved and in love with what we do. But if our work does ‘accidentally’ cause you to stop and ponder, then please do not blame us. We’re simply doing what we love.

If F5 can refresh a machine then please, won’t you let us do the same for your perspective? Remember folks, a right outlook always leads to right living.

Welcome to Refresh Button!!

Wanna be part of the team? Email us at : join@refreshbutton.in